One of the most beloved musicals of all time, The Sound of Music takes place in 1930’s Austria. Unconventional nun Maria, lost in the beauty of the mountainside, spends her days away from the reserved Abbey singing. Uncertain of how to deal with her eccentricities, the Mother Abbess suggests that Maria spend some time thinking over her decision to join the monastic life, sending her away to act as governess to the seven children of a decorated World War I Naval captain. Ever lost in song, her transition from the breathtaking mountainside Abbey to the strict villa of Captain von Trapp acquaints her with the von Trapp children who are driven about in military style regiment. Unwilling to accept such confines, she begins to teach them the basics of music and appreciation of the simple pleasures of life. As time goes on, Maria is able to warm the hearts of the von Trapp children through song and begins to fall for the stern Captain. The dark shadow of the Third Reich looms on the horizon. The von Trapps realize the imminent Anschluss of Austria and Nazi Germany. The country soon falls to German rule, and the family refuses to sing for a cause that they do not believe in. As war tensions rise, Captain von Trapp is offered commission to join the German Navy, forcing the family to flee the country by way of the Alps, declaring loyalty to Austria.