Billy Elliot, one of the most celebrated award-winning musicals on stage today,  has been dazzling London’s West End since 2005, and has gone on to captivate audiences around the world. Set against the turbulent background of the 1984 miners’ strike in the northern pit village of Easington, Billy Elliot is the inspirational story of a young boy’s struggle against the odds to make his dreams come true. Despite the ravages of the strike, Billy’s single father, a mineworker picketing the closure of the mines, manages to scrape together enough money for Billy to attend boxing classes. However, through a fortuitous turn of events, Billy wanders into a ballet class and discovers an unexpected passion for dance. After secretly enrolling in Mrs. Wilkinson’s ballet class, Billy decides to take up his teacher’s offer to audition for the Royal Ballet School, despite the disapproval of his father. As the conflict within the parallel storyline of the National Union of Mineworkers intensifies, Billy’s own personal struggle to escape the depressed mining region in order to fulfill his dreams also escalates. With unforgettable music by Elton John, sensational dance, and a powerful storyline, this astonishing theatrical experience will stay with you forever.